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Introduction - Our Plain Speak

As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), we are all too familiar with the pattern that emerges when we take on a new client. Initially, it's very common to find servers are misconfigured, workstations that have out of date software or under spec and network switches that are badly setup. We may even take on a client that has had a bad experience with a neglectful IT Company; slow to respond to support requests, or neglectful in helping our new client get the most from their IT.

From Zero to Hero

In these first few weeks, we diligently undertake work to re-mediate the misconfigured infrastructure. We update workstations so they are more reliable and run faster, We give all our clients great support, responding to support requests quickly - something perhaps they are not used to. In a matter of weeks, our clients views us as a hero, allowing them to get on with their important work.

But then a strange thing happens. Our customer gets used to IT systems that run without crashing every day. They get used to workstations that “just work”. They start to take for granted the fact that you answer their support requests quickly. They forget the world of pain they lived in previously, and the blissful service we offer them now becomes the new normal.

Because they’re not feeling any pain anymore, they ask us the dreaded question:

What is it we’re paying you for?

"What are we paying for again?"

How we keep from going Hero to Zero

That question can come like a kick in the gut to any Service Provider. How is it that our customer doesn’t see all the hard work we put in to keeping their system running smoothly? Why don’t they appreciate the out-of-hours patching and support we do, or the automated processes we run to keep their systems running in an optimum state?

Our answer is simple. Clients often don’t see the value of the services provided because it was never explained to them. Aegisys is going to change this.

Our experience has demonstrated that our clients can forget pain very quickly. Therefore, It’s vital to Aegisys that as your MSP, we communicate what we are doing for you and how we are accomplishing it to keep you away from returning to that pain.

That is the objective of why we are here today.

Our Mission - Guidance in IT Provisioning & Hosting

Today's objective is simple. We will review systems Aegisys has in place such as our Reporting, our Online Pro-Active dashboard, and the diverse super charged service solutions we provide to you both present and future. We will discuss how they are being used, and will listen to you so we may further improve your IT experience.

Effective communication is paramount to maintaining the very best in our services and for you to get the most out of our near 20 years of IT Experience with Aegisys.

Top Tier Service begins with listening ...

Informative Reports

Keeping you in the know your way always

Our reports highlight all the systems we have checked, along with any issues we have found.

We know of some competitors that make sure to undertake remedial work on any issues they find *before* they send these reports, if they send any at all, showing a clean bill of health each day.

In our opinion this is a mistake. We prefer to send the reports showing the issues that were found along with a note that we were working on those issues. We’d usually re-started any failed services, patched any vulnerable systems, or re-ran any failed backups before you even read their Daily Health Check report.

So, when you inquire what was happening about the failure? “All sorted” we’d advise and give details as you require in case notes.

The bottom line is, you, as the customer are continuously aware we were undertaking proactive maintenance, and are also aware that despite these things sometimes went wrong. Our clients understand the value of us continuing to monitor and maintain the system in this way.

Customer Service is not a department ... It's an Attitude!
It takes time and skill to make things appear as easy ...

Executive reporting

Just give me what I need to see when I want to see it ...

Often, however, these Daily Health Checks would be sent to the office manager or the person responsible for IT. This wasn’t necessarily the decision maker who signed off on Aegisys service renewals. They simply weren’t interested in the day-to-day running of the IT systems, but were interested to know they were getting value for money.

With this in mind, we send a monthly “Executive Summary” report. This contains an “at a glance” overview, backed up by statistics and colored graphs, of the issues that had been resolved, the system up-time, the average response time to support tickets and, importantly, benchmarks showing how these metrics compared to previous months *including* that early honeymoon period when we were seen as the heroes.

This report reminds the decision maker of where they had come from, and provides a high-level view of what Aegisys is doing as your MSP to prevent you from returning to the pain they once felt.

Time for a tune Up?

When Aegisys starts looking after a new customer, we move them away from pain to stability. We work very hard to provide them with service they never experienced before. During this honeymoon period, we become your IT hero.

It’s our job as your service provider to continuously demonstrate the value that we provide, and there are few better ways to do this than by sending regular reports to you.

This being said ... time to tune. We send Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Executive reports. You have been receiving these. Question is "Is it time to tune this now you have seen them" to be in line with what you need to see?

Referral Programs

The greatest compliment we receive is your referral of trust

We have a diverse range of benefits (Gift Cards, percentage off next invoicing, etc) but also understand each client is different. Let's discuss. Our policy is to ensure referrals operate within corporate policy guidelines.

Dashboard = Fixing it BEFORE it breaks

Your private Network view keeps everyone PRO-ACTIVELY informed of the health of your business IT operation so you stay safe and secure. Your Aegisys Dashboard provides the views that make it easy to get a complete picture of your business without having to decipher complex graphs or spreadsheets. From viewing alerts on potential issues to measuring your up-time and problems "as they occur", Aegisys gives you the intelligence you need to make the informed decisions that help to grow and improve your business. Ask about our mobile apps so you can see your network health where ever you roam "at a glace"!

Want to get setup?

Next Steps

Services in review

Meeting your needs in security and risk prevention

  • Secure and Manage Mobile Devices - Often overlooked
  • Move from Dropbox, One Drive etc to Aegisys On premise FileCloud - (Discuss benefits and what makes us different)
  • Discuss Web Client Security and why its important
  • Email Archive Services and why they are important
  • File Auditor - Know who is doing what to which file & When
  • Workstation Online Backups - road warrior ready
  • SMS Alerting NOW Available
  • NETFLOW NOW Available
  • Risk Prevention - know at any time what your risk is
  • Penetration Testing
  • AV and Backup for family - Student packages for your Staff
  • New really cool awesome stuff that will surprise you and meet your every future need - Don't forget to ask us if you need anything - we have a spectacular lineup of on demand IT tools and the people to deliver them!


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